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My name is Mella and I´m obsessed with Twilight, the mortal instruments and the host. Fangirling is my only talent. I´m 18 and I hate school. I love books, movies
and music. I read because sometimes real life is way to boring. I get really attached to fictional characters and I think british guys are gods gift to us. I´m childish and i know it. I also love doctor who, sherlock, the vampire diaries, navy cis, criminal minds, skins UK, Hart of dixie, pretty little liars, once upon a time, american horror story, everything disney, studio ghibli movies, the house of night books, the hunger games, harry potter, the infernal devices, the wolves of mercy falls and the vampire academy books. This is a personal blog.





Is the alphabet called the alphabet because the first two letters in the Greek alphabet are alpha and beta?


Are there literally 75,000 people who did not realize this?

Get the fuck off your high horse yes clearly that many people didn’t know that about the fucking Greek alphabet sit down and shut the fuck up

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